BT004 / WELK – Sein

BT004 Welk – Sein | Release Date: Jun 08, 2017
Limited to 66 hand-numbered copies.

The first time we saw WELK was at one of our shows (at this time under the name 3asseln), playing alongside with .leaves., I am my End and our pals Opaque. That was in march 2016 and they blew us away with their intense mix of hardcore and black metal; slower, melodic parts and pure rage.

At the beginning of 2017, when asking us if we want to do the tape-release of their six-song-monster SEIN, we needed a maximum of five seconds to say yes.

After some months of heavy rotation on our radio we are more than happy that SEIN is released and we could be a part of it. From the moving, powerful songs to the beautiful artwork by DER RABE, SEIN is in our eyes a great album.

The white tape comes in a jewel case and with a laser engraving. It is limited to 66 hand numbered copies that can be bought directly via the band or at one of our shows.

You should also check out the CD version released by Yehonala tapes.

Bharal Tapes, june 2017

P.S. At the mentioned show we asked Opaque if they could imagine to do a tape with us. It was the birth of Bharal Tapes and Welk joined it from the beginning.

BT003 / WeedWolf – Split Shit

BT003 WeedWolf – Split Shit | Release Date: Feb 17, 2017
Limited to 66 hand-numbered copies.

We are happy to announce our next release. The WeedWolf compilation tape contains all tracks released until now. The tracks are taken from the splits with FangeSick EaterDOS MALÉS and SEA. WeedWolf are going to hit the road in February/March and we hope you’ll have fun with the tape.

The tape is wrapped in a heavy screen printed slipcase. The beautiful artwork was made by @nikavanplanten ( and post-edited by Fishermans End.

Tour Dates:
17.2. – Chemnitz, Germany @ TBA
18.2. – Praha, Czech Republic @ Hospuda Brouk
19.2. – Linz, Austria @ Willy*Fred
20.2. – Brno, Czech Republic @ TBA
21.2. – Veszprem, Hungary @ Szigony
22.2. – Budapest, Hungary @ Durer Kert
23.2. – Oradea, Romania @ Mozkva Kavezo
24.2. – Bukarest, Romania @ Underworld
25.2. – Thessaloniki, Greece @ Biologica
26.2. – Athens, Greece @ TBA
27.2. – Patras, Greece @ Prokat35
28.2. – Ioannia, Greece @ Antiviosi Squat
01.3. – Skopje, Mazedonia @ TBA
02.3. – Belgrad, Serbia @ MKC Kombinat
03.3. – Vienna, Austria @ Derwisch
04.3. – Bratislava, Slovakia @ TBA

BT001 / Opaque – Genuin

BT001 Opaque – Genuin | Release Date: Dec 03, 2016
Limited to 66 hand-numbered copies.

A little bit late but here are the details of our first bharal tape. We are more than happy to release the first EP of Opaque. In our opinion, Opaque​ made a huge step forward with five incredible varied crust, post-metal tracks that feature some great post-rock parts. We hope there will be a full length record following soon!

Read a first review of ‘Genuin’ from the Underdog Fanzine​ ( and listen to the EP on Bandcamp (

The tape is wrapped in a heavy cardboard slipcase coated with the artwork printed on transparent paper. It comes with an inlay containing the tracklist that is housed in an envelop.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Opaque and Chaos Compressor Club.
Artwork by Fishermans End​.

A1 Genuin (02:38)
A2 Zerfall (03:05)
A3 Sink (08:08)
B1 Hope Gone (04:23)
B2 Fear/Thoughts (07:16)

Get your copy from Opaque ( or even better: go out and see them live (Jan 21 / Halle / Ära Krâ, Welk, Opaque)!

Many, many thanks to papp-o-mania for making the cardboard slipcases.