BT009 / Trace Magnette – Hoods Jinx

Release Date: June 3, 2018

Limited editon of 30 hand-numbered copies.

Hey folks,

we are very proud to present to you our next release: Trace Magnette – Hoods Jinx. Trace Magnette is the collaboration between Eric Craven (known from Hangedup, HṚṢṬA and Silver Mt. Zion) and Damon Henry (known from Ruby Karinto). The seven beautiful instrumental and droney tracks were recorded in an intense three-day session. Read the full story on

The tape was originally released by Drophead in 2015 and we had the opportunity to make a re-release and bring this tape to Europe with a new, beautiful artwork by @nikavanplanten, post-edited by Fishermans End. The tape is wrapped in a printed slipcase and comes with an semi-transparent insert and a download code.

If you want to get a tape, drop us a line on facebook or write us an email (bharal.tapes[at]gmail[dot]com). You can also get a copy at one of our shows (next date 06.07.18 with BAESTIEN, Ruins and WELK). If you live in Canada, there will also be a very limited amount of tapes available soon.

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