BT009 / Trace Magnette – Hoods Jinx

Release Date: June 3, 2018

Limited editon of 30 hand-numbered copies.

Hey folks,

we are very proud to present to you our next release: Trace Magnette – Hoods Jinx. Trace Magnette is the collaboration between Eric Craven (known from Hangedup, HṚṢṬA and Silver Mt. Zion) and Damon Henry (known from Ruby Karinto). The seven beautiful instrumental and droney tracks were recorded in an intense three-day session. Read the full story on

The tape was originally released by Drophead in 2015 and we had the opportunity to make a re-release and bring this tape to Europe with a new, beautiful artwork by @nikavanplanten, post-edited by Fishermans End. The tape is wrapped in a printed slipcase and comes with an semi-transparent insert and a download code.

If you want to get a tape, drop us a line on facebook or write us an email (bharal.tapes[at]gmail[dot]com). You can also get a copy at one of our shows (next date 06.07.18 with BAESTIEN, Ruins and WELK). If you live in Canada, there will also be a very limited amount of tapes available soon.

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BT006 / Lingua Nada – The もしもしSupermagic Compilation

Release Date: June 1, 2018

Limited editon of 100 hand-numbered copies.

Hey folks!

Some things might take a little bit longer than expected but this doesn’t affect the joy we feel to release our sixth tape: Lingua Nada – The もしもしSupermagic Compilation.

After our ways crossed a several times over the last 2-3 years, the idea for doing the tape was born while standing outside of the UT Connewitz at the Lala in Noise Fest.

The green glitter tape comes in a jewel case with a 2-flap J-Card, which gives you the possibility to choose your prefered cover.

The tape is limited to 100 hand numbered copies that can be bought directly via the band – a good opportunity would be their show on June 7th at TANZCAFÉ ILSES ERIKA (Facebook Event) – or at one of our shows (we kept a small amount).

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BT010 / Angstbreaker – The Flying Cat EP

Release Date: March 23, 2018

Limited editon of 100 hand-numbered copies.

Hey everybody!

We are very happy to announce our second tape release in 2018 – The Flying Cat EP by Angstbreaker, showing that hardcore is not dead.

Here is what the band says about it.

“2 years after the big line-up change Angstbreaker is back with the second record as a four-piece band. They actually recorded all songs one year ago but in 2017 the band was busy to release a by the date unfinished record from 2015 to raise money for refugees in Greece. It worked, the “Cold Faces (Gutmensch EP)” tape sold out, the band was able to hand over some hundreds of Euros to activists when they toured Greece last year.

The new “The Flying Cat” EP contains 4 new songs and one rerecorded track from the old days. As always it is the best music from the band so far because it is the new EP. Lyrics range from cops (Punk topic number 1), old and new nazis (Punk topic number 2), the “scene” (HC-ref alltime classic), environmental issues (a must have) to robots and artificial intelligence (what? maybe ranked on 6583?), so almost everything was checked. The band freed over 140 cats from the internet and asked them to pose for the cover because all skulls and bones were booked out with other artworks.

Angstbreaker is lucky enough to partner with 3 nice DIY labels from Leipzig to release the new stuff on vinyl (SM Musik), music cassette (Bharal Tapes) and CD (PCS Records).”

The fresh green tape comes with a download code in a folded and hand-numbered cardboard box from Dekor Labor with “MMXVI” from 2016 on the B-side. We made 100 of these beauties, which can be bought through Angstbreakers bandcamp page, at one of their shows or at one of our shows (watch out for information).

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BT007 / Bait – Sunburst

Release Date: March 18, 2018

Limited editon of 66 hand-numbered copies.

Hey folks!

Once again we are happy to announce our next release and for the first time on tape: Bait – Sunburst.

The idea for doing a tape-version of this overwhelmingly good album was born after their show at the Stö in January 2017. It took us over a year to hold the result in our hands and it turned out wonderful.

The jewel case of the tape is wrapped in a heavy slipcase with a cut-out on the front and contains a screen printed J-Card. The artwork was made by Christoph Kämmerer and screen printed by Dekor Labor. The slipcases were handcrafted by us.

The tape is limited to 66 hand numbered copies that can be bought directly via the band or at one of our shows (we kept a small amount).

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